The future of life insurance lies in the technology that drives it.

Can your current system…

As the world reimagines the role of mobile technology, Haled helps your business discover & define the curve.

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Here’s how we’re targeting the traditional life insurance trouble spots:

1. Point of Traction.

You already know your window to gain potential policyholders can be a few critical moments. If your current business model is unable to quickly showcase convenience, you’re liable to lose formerly interested applicants to more modern industry alternatives – and can you blame them?

Haled’s straightforward scheduling platform gives applicants the power to book life insurance exams on their own schedules at the touch of a few buttons. Within seconds, agents can briefly walk applicants through the set-up process and allow intuitive technology to do the rest, quickly engaging users while eliminating preliminary pauses for second-guessing.

2. Process Transparency.

The value of life insurance is easily lost in unclear onboarding instructions and archaic introductory processes that put the applicant second, creating an industry image that makes potential policyholders feel like another cog in a money-driven machine.

Haled personalizes the user experience with an Uber-inspired model of in-home health examination, granting new policyholders the ability to see which certified nurse or phlebotomist is completing their life insurance exam while instilling a sense of safety and support from day one.

3. Time Management.

Devoting agents’ busy agendas to life insurance exam scheduling is a common loss of time, money and brainpower for insurance companies. Regardless of persistent follow-ups, a lack of quick turnaround technology can lead to an abundance of delayed or dropped plans by distracted buyers with an abundance of options.

Haled shifts valuable time away from appointment set-up and completion with a simplified tech platform powered by a professional mobile network of certified examiners. With Haled, just a few easy, automated steps separate interested patrons from secured policyholders.

81 percent of U.S. adults own smartphones.

Research shows companies’ integration of smart technologies, particularly among touchscreen devices, dictates how consumers make purchasing decisions.1

HINT: If your company doesn’t offer fully integrated digital technology, you’re missing most of your potential policyholders.

How do you engage applicants in 2023?

You prove you’ve digitally transformed.

So, how does our technology work?

Haled Care Portal Dashboard UI Mockup
Step 1

An agent logs into Haled’s desktop app and orders their new applicant an exam.

All pre-screening paperwork is included in the desktop app and must be completed by the agent prior to ordering the exam.

Haled Consumer Welcome Email Mockup UI
Step 2

The applicant receives an email notification from Haled that their life insurance medical exam has been ordered.

The email includes a link to log in and directions to set up an account and book an in-home appointment.

Haled Consumer Mobile UI Scheduling Appointment
Step 3

The applicant books a time slot for their in-home life insurance medical exam on the Haled mobile app.

The applicant downloads the mobile app, logs in and inputs the address they wish to complete their mobile exam at.
*This process can also be completed in Haled’s consumer web app from a desktop device or tablet.

Haled Care Examiner Appointment UI Mockup
Step 4

All certified medical examiners within a given radius receive an appointment notification to their Haled mobile app.

The agent also receives a notification when the appointment has been accepted by an examiner.

Nurse taking blood pressure in patients home
Step 5

The in-home life insurance medical exam is completed and the examiner sends test samples to a CLIA-accredited lab.

A friendly, certified medical examiner will bring all necessary materials to the in-home appointment.

Laboratory Testing Blood
Step 6

The agent receives the applicant's exam results from Quest Diagnostics or CRL.

Haled only uses trusted, CLIA-accredited labs for the most reliable results.

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