Haled for Consumer Health Testing

Consumer Health Testing in its Most Accessible Form.

Haled's greatest creation: superior user experiences. For your business, that means an integrative solution that combines an all-in-one consumer health testing management portal with a nationwide network of mobile healthcare professionals. For consumers, it’s seamless mobile app scheduling met by comfortable, in-home exams that don’t take time away from daily to-do lists. For everyone, it’s a progressive health testing system that just makes sense.

An intuitive portal built for every business.

Step inside a comprehensive dashboard where filterable order and consumer data offer real-time status updates for rapid, reliable health testing and results. Create customizable forms, access unlimited administrative seats and experience seamless test management.

A nationwide network of healthcare professionals.

Over 6,000 certified healthcare professionals are ready to deploy across the nation, delivering medical-grade health tests to the comfort of consumers’ homes or offices. Let Haled’s network expedite your workflow with rapid, convenient in-home exams.

Mobile applications that make scheduling simple.

Haled’s consumer and examiner mobile applications put in-home health testing on par with modern, on-demand delivery services. Consumers and healthcare professionals can instantly connect to schedule and complete health tests at the touch of a button.

How does Haled maintain 360 degrees of streamlined health test management?


Businesses gain clear-cut, comprehensive data.

Within Haled’s user-friendly portal are all the tools your business needs to order, track and manage data for more organized, efficient and time-saving consumer health testing.


Consumers experience no-hassle scheduling.

Archaic, in-office health testing can be a massive inconvenience atop already full plates. Haled’s easy mobile app scheduling and in-home appointments flip the script to give busy consumers full control of their calendars.

Healthcare Professionals

Examiners enjoy flexible daily work schedules.

Haled’s examiner app allows healthcare professionals to quickly accept appointment requests within a 50-mile radius, creating flexible daily scheduling from any digital device at home or on the go.

Benefits Beyond Traditional Health Service Models.



Customizable order forms that cater to unique business models.

Uncapped business admins for scalable collection

Real-time status updates for always-transparent communication.

Mobile applications connecting consumers and healthcare professionals.

Nationwide network of healthcare professionals delivering premium, in-home care.

The modern solution for health service management.

Haled’s innovative SaaS solution and nationwide network of mobile healthcare professionals work synergistically to bring outdated health service models into a modern, streamlined future. With Haled’s business portal, examiner app and consumer app operating as interconnected touchpoints, businesses gain 360-degree views of workflows for full order transparency and timely completion.

Haled currently operates in 48 states with a network of over 6,000 nurses, phlebotomists and medical assistants. Our solutions are available in a flexible, fee-for-service cost menu to support every size business.

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